SGSA Leadership

We are a small team of talented, dedicated, graduate studets with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to continuting to develop the Sociology Graduate Student Association, and creating great experiences for all of you to take part in.

Ifeyinwa Davis

SGSA President

Hello! My name is Ify Davis and I am a fourth year Ph.D. Candidate here at Louisiana State University. My research interests include Black woman and girlhood studies, the formal and informal policing of Black women and girls, and activist burnout and self-care. Graduate student health, happiness, and sustainability are of chief importance to SGSA. We are so excited to have you as part of the SGSA family!

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Caitlin Charles

SGSA Vice President

Hiya! My name is Caitlin Charles and I am a third-year graduate student at LSU. I am the Vice-President of the Sociology Graduate Student Association and the most fly flier creator around. My research interests include race, gender, and family, along with criminology and social psychology. I love the study of people and the study of crime and watching crime documentaries. I can’t wait to share a wealth of knowledge and learn some things from you all. Welcome to the SGSA Family! 

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Brooke Barrett

SGSA Secretary

My name is Brooke Barrett and I am a second-year graduate student at LSU. I earned my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University💛💚 After transferring to LSU I had the opportunity to join the Sociology Graduate Student Association . My research interests include racism and prejudice, criminology, and media influence.

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Andrew Burns

SGSA Treasurer

Andrew Burns, is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate from Sandusky, Ohio. Andrew has various research interests, from popular culture and belief systems to deviance and social networks. Before pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology, Andrew received his Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and helped run the University of New Orleans’ annual student-run film festival for three years.

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Rob Matchett

SGSA Community Outreach and Advocacy

My name is Rob Matchett. I am originally from Pittsburgh PA, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Perogies, and the Permanti’s style Samiches. I have Bachlor’s degrees in Disability Services and Sociology. I have done a lot of advocacy work for students with disabilities in higher education.  In sociology I like to study topics such as disability, education, gender and sexuality, and social psychology. My current research is looking at disability attitudes of university faculty. I have also been working on projects that explore disability’s impact on masculinity, and looking at the interactional effects between ADHD, Religiosity, and marital status.  I have two cats who are kind of more like my children than actual cats, and I like to travel.

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Ewart Forde

SGSA Officer

Ewart Forde is graduate student who earned his undergraduate in History here at LSU after transferring from Baton Rouge Community College. He entered the Louisiana rehabilitation program which is designed to allow people like him who suffered a disability acquire the skills to start over. Before working with the program, Ewart sought ways to reenter the work force, but his existing skills did not offer many viable prospects. He is a native of Trinidad and Tobago where he first graduated from a small Bible College. His goal is to be an educator after completing his terminal degree.

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